Willowlake is a deed-restriction enforced community located in the suburban northwest part of Harris County, Texas near Jersey Village.

There are simple things we all can do to be good neighbors, help the neighborhood to look nice and keep our property values up.

Keep trash picked up in your yard and if you see some in the neighborhood that is not yours, go ahead and pick it up too.

Do not put your trash out until Tuesday night.  Leaving lawn clippings, heavy trash and bags on your curb for a week is really tacky.

Do not tape flyers or notes to the mail boxes or stop signs.  We have to pay to repaint them after they are ruined by the tape.

Keep grass mowed. If not done on a Tuesday, make the landscapers take the grass bags with them or you store them out of site until Tuesday night.

Maintain the exterior of your home and make needed repairs after submitting an ACC Application.

Drive slowly through the neighborhood.  Max limit is 30 mph, but going 20 is even better, especially when passing children or parked cars on street.

Park your vehicles in the garage or driveway. Parking on the street disrupts traffic flow, makes it hard for your neighbors to back out and creates safety issues for pedestrians.

What are the deed restrictions?

Declarations of Covenants (April 1994)

Resolution: Antenna and Satellite Dishes (April 1997)

Amended Collection Policy and Compliance Documents (Dec 2011)

Adopting Flag Display and Xeriscaping (Dec 2013)

Heavy Trash Policy (May 2016)


We have random inspections by independent inspectors that look for deed restriction violations and they send out letters of notification.  Please correct any issues as quickly as possible.

Deed Restriction Inspection Guidelines (Dec 2010)

Enforcement Procedures:

Resolution: Deed Restriction Enforcement (Dec 2010)

How to report violations:

If you notice deed restriction violations, you can anonymously report them to Jaime Ramirez at Randall Management. (am3@randallmanagement.com) 

Before Making Exterior Changes:

ACC Guidelines (1999)

Submit an ACC Application






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