Northwest Houston, TX 77064


For Security (or Police) “Emergencies”:  Call the Harris County Sheriff’s Office by dialing 911


For Security (or Police) “Non-Emergencies”:  Call the Harris County Sheriff’s Office at 713-221-6000



Harris County Sheriff storefronts and substations


Flock Safety Cameras:

All Willowlake entrances are monitored by Flock Safety Automated License Plate Reading Cameras.

Crime Reports and Stats for our Area:

Harris County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Report for MUD 11:

July 2021 to March 2022

Flock Safety- Safe list, is available only for Willowlake residents.

To register,  please send an email request including your name and home address to  Security team will validate your name and residency within Willowlake and send you the information to register. This feature only helps identify residents vs non residents that are registered.

Crime Reports


Registered Sex Offenders List (77064)



Willowlake is a safe neighborhood.  Although no one can guarantee 100% safety, we encourage you to take extra measures to try and prevent crime.  Here are some additional resources for Crime Prevention:

Keep Houston Safe Prevention Tips

The Motorist Assistance Program

Home Burglary Prevention Tips

Security Prevention Tips

Home Security Inspections

Other Harris County Sheriff’s Office Programs

How to Report Crimes Online

Report Street Light Outages to CenterPoint

Going on Vacation?

HCSO Vacation Watch Form

[Willowlake is included in the HCSO         drop down menu contract labeled: 

MUD 11 (Willowbridge HOA), D5]


Monthly Crime Prevention Tips:  Gift Cards- How to Avoid Scams

                                                    Previous Tips- Avoid Becoming a Victim of Auto Theft and Burglary

Wheel theft is common in the Cy-Fair area and Willowlake occasionally falls victim.  Organized crime crews remove all the tires from a vehicle in less than 10 minutes and leave it on blocks or landscaping stones they find in the neighborhood. They’ve even hit car dealerships in Texas and hit entire rows of vehicles. They usually strike between 11:30 PM and 5 AM. This article has some great tips to try and help prevent your wheels from being stolen.  Wheel & Rim Theft Prevention Tips






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