If anyone would like to ask the Board a question, we would love to hear from you. This gives us the chance to see if we are answering all the questions you might have as a homeowner in Willowlake. Please email the board (hoa@ourwillowlake.com) or Jane Godwin at Randall Management (jgodwin@randallmanagement.com).


Q: Do I need to get permission from the HOA before doing exterior home & property repairs?

A: Yes.  You must submit an ACC Application before any exterior work is done.  This includes but is not limited to: Painting, roofing, fence work, room or patio additions, pool or shed additions and siding/brick work. ACC Guidelines.


Q: How often is the trash picked up?

A:Trash pickup is every Wednesday. If a trash pickup falls on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day, pickup will take place on the following day. Heavy trash is every Wednesday. Please be a good neighbor and ONLY put your trash out the morning of or the night before trash pickup day.  Thank you for your cooperation.  (To dispose of household hazardous waste, you can drop it off at this Harris County location)


Q: Do we have a recycling program?

A: Yes. Recyclable materials are picked up every Wednesday along with normally scheduled trash pickup. All recyclables must be placed in the bin provided by VF Waste.  You also have the option of purchasing additional recycling bins that VF Waste will pick up as well.  


Q: Why can we not fish in the lake?

A: When Willowlake was first developed it was considered important to look after the safety of our children as well as the safety of the wildlife we enjoy. The ruling prohibiting fishing in the lake was made in order to prevent broken fishing lines and hooks from being left in the water and on the banks. This decision has also helped in cutting down on the amount of trash that gets into our lake and retention areas.
Our pond is regularly treated chemically to suppress algae and other growth from clogging the pump / fountain mechanics. Unwanted growth would also reduce the oxygen content for the turtles and fish.


Q: Who may reserve the gazebo?

A: Any Willowlake homeowner in good standing may reserve the gazebo.  There is a $200.00 security deposit and is fully refundable if all requirements are met. Please download the Gazebo Reservation contract and contact Jane Godwin of

Randall Management at jgodwin@randallmanagement.com or 713-728-1126 for more information.




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