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Venecia Perez, Property Manager

713-728-1126 opt. 4   vperez@randallmanagement.com


Have a suggestion on how to improve our community amenities? We'd love to hear it! Volunteer for a Committee or let the Board know.  ( hoa@ourwillowlake.com )


Pool  (9910 Branch Park Dr, Houston TX 77064).   Pool rules.   Pool Registration

If there are medical or security emergency issues, dial 9-1-1.



We are proud of the Park at the Pool and to be able to provide the children of the Willowlake community a safe and fun place to play.  The Park is open from dawn to dusk.



The gazebo is one of our most widely used amenities and is a focal point for the beauty of our community.  It can be used for personal events to go along with the HOA sponsored events. Please contact Randall Management at 713-728-1126 and complete the form for reservation to ensure there are not any conflicts.  Maintaining this amenity is one of the Boards yearly priorities and should be of similar importance for all of our homeowners.


19 Acre Park / Duck Pond / Exercise Path  (Park Rules)

One of the highlights of our community is the green space and exercise path along West Road.  This space is for the exclusive use of Willowlake homeowners.  Please help us keep it clean and remember to always pick up after your pets.  Also, some rules of the road are to always yield to young children and strollers, runners yield to walkers and bikers yield to all.  No climbing trees at the park.

We are fortunate to have such a lovely backdrop to our Gazebo with our pond and fountain providing just that.  We all enjoy our avian friends and encourage families to come out and enjoy the beautiful view.  Please, no fishing or swimming as this can disrupt the environment and create an unsafe situation around the pond.  Please also refrain from feeding the ducks. 


Baseball Field

We are very fortunate to have a field in our community that can be used by everyone; however, with the start of youth baseball in and around our community there are limited spaces for teams to practice.  In the past our field was used on a first come first served basis, but teams from outside the community were coming in and there were some reported disputes as to who actually arrived first.  To alleviate those issues, we began the process of reserving the field and limiting the use to teams that include a team member that lives in Willowlake and is in good standing with all association fees.  To make a reservation, the resident living in Willowlake needs to contact Randall Management at 713-728-1126.  The field can be reserved in 1.5 hour increments.  An email confirmation with the date and time of the reservation will be sent to the resident.  This will serve as proof of reservation in the event of dispute or another team being on the field.  






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